I started writing in 2004 and have written short stories, plays and novels. My short story, God Bless Us One and All was published by Structo Magazine in UK is 2012. It was about zombies in the form of Dickens characters attacking some writers who had rented an isolated cottage to work on their novels over the Christmas break. 


My greatest success in the playwriting field has been my 10 minute version of Pride and Prejudice, titled predictably Pride and Prejudice in 10 Minutes Flat. It has been performed in various countries and at a Jane Austen convention. It consists of 4 actors playing all the parts, very quickly. 


My one act play Random Acts of Fiction took the prize at the North Queensland Festival of One Act Plays in 2017. It tells the story of a shy and lonely romance writer who is befriended by her 'greatest fan'. It does not end well. 


I have had two novels for Young Adults  published—Julius and the Watchmaker, and its sequel Julius and the Soulcatcher. They are time-travel adventures set in early Victorian London. In writing the stories I took enormous liberties with historical  characters like Lord Byron and Charles Darwin, and historical events like the voyage of the Beagle, and how Frankenstein really came to be written.